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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017, 7:00 pm

Watch Live Seminars from the 2017 Young Farmers Conference

By Rural America In These Times

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(Image: Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture)

The Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture—a non-profit organization working to promote sustainable, community-based food and teach the next generation of farmers—kicked off the tenth Young Farmers Conference earlier today, Dec. 6, in Pocantico Hills, N.Y.

Through Friday, hundreds of new farmers will be joined by sustainable agriculture experts, scientists, chefs and speakers from across the country. This year, select sessions will be streamed live on Facebook and the Stone Barns Center’s website. Administrators will also be taking questions from the online audience, so be sure to tune in.

Check out the streaming schedule below as well as the keynote from earlier this afternoon (featuring Ricardo Salvador and food journalist Mark Bittman):


11am-12:30pm: Mimicking Nature: Integrating Livestock into Perennial and Annual Cropping Systems
1:15-1:45pm: What Is Agroecology?
2:00-3:30pm: Farmers Cultivating Restaurant Relationships
3:45-5:15pm: Growing from Urban to Rural
5:30-6:30pm: Keynote: Ricardo Salvador and Mark Bittman


9:00am-10:30am: Pollination Ecology part I
10:45am-12:00pm: Pollination Ecology part II
12:45-1:15pm: Agroequity: Defining a New Equity Framework in Food and Agriculture
1:30-3:00pm: Climate Change Adaptation
3:15-4:45pm: Changing the Way a Generation Thinks About Food
5:15-6:15pm: Keynote: M. Sanjayan


9:00-10:00am: Women on the Verge
10:15-11:45am: Appropriate Tools and Technology for Emerging Small-Scale Market Gardeners
1:15-2:45pm: Cover Cropping

Ricardo Salvador and Mark Bittman at the 2017 Young Farmers Conference. (Source:


(Visit for complete information on the livestream sessions and all the conference presenters. For more information about the Stone Barns Center's work and support for new farmers, click here.)

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